International Business Expertise

Nogales is home to generations of trusted professionals and companies with proven expertise in trade, business transactions and connections. The long established logistics networks in in the region efficiently and effectively import, export, manufacture and distribute goods. This kind of expertise is invaluable in matching small and medium size businesses with the resources they need to grow.


Years of tradition and solid business relationships have built an unequaled foundation of trust and confidence. This expertise is invaluable in providing the resources necessary for both small and large business growth by providing access to trusted, deep networks of relationships.


To learn more about Nogales, Arizona’s international business expertise, visit the Nogales Economic Development Foundation website.

Business expertise at international airport

Travel expertise at international border crossing


A History of Competitive Regional Capability

Ever since Nogales became the preferred location for domestic and international rail service between the U.S.-Mexico border in 1882 because of its location, the community has been cultivating  a world-class reputation for international business expertise. This lively, cross-cultural hub has long attracted forward-looking business people and out-of-the-box thinkers who love the area for its imagination and internationality.


Today this logistics and supply chain hub has a multi-generational talent pool that facilitates cross-border commerce around agricultural and animal products, as well as manufacturing, a density of warehousing that gives the Produce industry incomparable “mixed load” strength relative to most other port cities and a fast throughput port with Mariposa Port of Entry.


To learn more about Nogales, Arizona’s competitive regional capability translates into faster, hassle free logistics, visit the Nogales Economic Development Foundation website.

Logistics & Supply Chain Hub


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