When an individual, entrepreneur, or corporation thinks of settling down along the Arizona-Mexico border, one of first questions is, “Can I find a good job?” or “Can I find good employees?”. Nogales answers those questions with an emphatic “yes.”


Santa Cruz County is home to a stable workforce of about 20,000 individuals, mostly working or qualified in white and blue collar jobs. Sales, administration, and retail are the largest employment categories, followed by professional, scientific, education and health care. Wholesale work, warehousing and transportation are big employers in Nogales, because of the immense trade in fresh produce from Mexico.


To learn more about the region’s workforce, visit the Nogales Economic Development Foundation website.

The public sector workforce is comprised of the areas loyal and friendly citizens

A high percentage of the local talent works in the region's specialized international logistics hub


Job Opportunities for Multi-National Talent

There is a powerful cross-pollination of skills and opportunities in the daily commute that goes in both directions between Arizona and Mexico. Many Americans work in the multi-national companies based on the south side of the border, and many Mexican craftsmen and professionals cross to the north for their jobs.


Because Nogales is the county seat for Santa Cruz, and because of the number of federal employers in the area, office jobs are now much more numerous than farm, ranch or industrial labor. Tourism-related jobs are often available, and local construction companies are looking for qualified tradesmen as the regional economy continues to expand.


To learn more about the region’s business envrionment, visit the Nogales Economic Development Foundation website.

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