Culture & Identity

Nogales is a place, perhaps the only place in North America, where the future of a multi-cultural, barrier-free global economy—long embedded in community DNA—is emerging through the daily lives of our residents and resident corporations. International citizens—workforce, managers, and executives—are in step with the legions of transnational citizens and entrepreneurs who are enjoying the best of both worlds. Thousands freely cross the U.S.-Mexico border every day using Nogales, Arizona’s infrastructure. Nogales truly acts out the theory of sustainable prosperity embedded in the wisdom of “think globally, act locally.”

Citizens of Nogales are cosmopolitan, comfortable with different languages, currencies, beliefs and traditions

Enterprising, outgoing, practical and adaptive people



Citizens of Nogales are cosmopolitan—internationally comfortable different languages, currencies, beliefs and traditions—making them better prepared for the increasingly competitive global economy. The community, long situated along the historic trade corridor—is enterprising, practical and adaptive. Functionally, the community serves as a micro-processor for a manufacturing and produce hub that lives and breathes trade logistics and facilitation.

"A Greater Nogales" coalition in partnership with:
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