Downtown Nogales

Downtown Nogales is a place filled with wonder from across the border and around the world. It’s a unique cultural weave of Asian, European, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Black influences that came to Nogales because of a robust economy that included ranching, retail, railroad, mining, military and produce. Nogales’s history is filled with tales of legendary characters such as Fray Marcos de Niza, Pete Kitchen, Geronimo and Pancho Villa. Today, Nogales plays a vital role as a critical port of entry to our international neighbor, Mexico. This is an exciting edge of the world.

Old Town Hall is the home of the Pimeria Alta Historical Society & Museum

A wide variety of shops are located within walking distance in historic downtown Nogales


Many people who call Nogales home have long appreciated its rich history—the city boasts more than 200 buildings in the National Register of Historic Sites. Many of the historic building in downtown Nogales now house wonderful retail stores with great variety. It’s a great place to shop and experience history.


The Pimeria Alta Historical Society and Museum located in Old Town Hall on Grande Avenue is filled with historic treasures including the old jail facility and the doors that led from the original fi re station to the street where the horse-drawn fire engine came and went.


Learn more about Nogales, Arizona’s Main Street Program and how the community is revitalizing its downtown core at the Nogales Community Development website.

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