Community Parks

The City of Nogales have two nice parks for family gathering. Teyechea Park (Behind City Hall) and Anza Park are rented for $35.00 plus a $50.00 cleaning deposit. Reservations are made on a first come-first served basis. All park reservations are taken at the Recreation Center. State Law prohibits the drinking of alcohol in public parks without a permit. The City of Nogales has yet to establish a policy that establishes a permitting process.


The City maintains tennis courts at two separate locations: Madison Tennis Courts located at 100 E. Madison (Next to War Memorial Stadium) and Anza Tennis Courts located at 1020 N. Kitchen St. (Directly west of the Cemetery).

Parks for family outdoor picnics and recreation

Sports arenas and fields are popular in Nogales


The City operates and maintains two public swimming pools. One is located at the Recreation Center and the other is located on the campus of Wade Carpenter Middle School. Please call the Recreation Center office at (520)285-5782 for specific hours of operation.


The City operates and maintains one baseball field, one little league field, two softball fields and one soccer/multi-purpose field. The use of these fields is mainly for league, program, and tournament play. Practice on these fields usually runs concurrent with each particular sport. Practice time may be reserved if the field(s) are available.


For more information on city parks, contact the City of Nogales Recreation Center office at (520) 285-5782.

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