Safety & Security

One good measure of the health and vitality of a community is the sense and expression of well-being among its residents. Nogales residents, visitors and business owners agree that Nogales is a good place to be: good services, good neighbors, good choices for shopping, walking, and recreation.

Downtown Nogales, Arizona is a pedestrian friendly community and has two international pedestrian ports of entry

A walking tour of downtown neighborhoods is a friendly experience full of historic properties and warm neighbors


Nogales has an admirable record a safe, liveable community. Nogales has more officers on patrol than the average of similar cities in Arizona and scores high in other national measures of public safety. When people say they feel safe here, they are repeating what the statistics say. Safety is a matter of perception and a matter of fact.


The ebb and flow of workers, shoppers, and tourists in both directions across the international border refreshes the social context of Nogales every day. These are friendly, familiar faces, each with a personal stake in the well-being of Nogales at large.

"A Greater Nogales" coalition in partnership with:
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