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Nogales Invites You to Stay Awhile

Nogales, Arizona, is a natural wonder and a living example of cross-cultural vitality. The community took root long ago in a narrow mountain pass that encouraged north-south travel through a steep, rugged landscape. There were flat, well watered valleys on either side. The elevation of 4,000 feet moderated the heat of the day. Good water. Good weather. A perfect place, an oasis meeting many human needs.


And so it is today.

Nogales is a high elevation natural pass

The region is a melting pot of different people


A Sense of Adventure

Located only 70 miles south of metropolitan Tucson, Nogales presents a face that is both foreign and familiar, easy to get to but feeling like a place apart. The border here is a byway, not a barrier. Laughter and music are heard on either side, and friendly faces smile and nod in passing.


The influences of Hispanic, Mexican, European, native, and Anglo cultures are seen, felt, and tasted everywhere in and around Nogales. History is part of our everyday lives. And, with an average daily temperature of 60oF and 350 days of sunshine every year, Nogales invites an outdoor life, an international attitude, and a sense of adventure.

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