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Downtown Retail District

The earliest storekeepers in Nogales saw advantage in the commercial benefits of the international border and their emporiums took root along the busiest streets filled with customers from both sides of the line. Among the 90+ stores in this historic shopping district, some are still operated by the same pioneering families who established the community five generations later.

Over 90 shops are located in downtown Nogales

The farmer's market provides locally made crafts and foods


This downtown retail district today contrasts with the national-scale malls and shopping centers on Grand Avenue and Mariposa Road. Downtown, you can walk into stores housed in National Historic Landmark buildings and find clothing, gifts, hardware or food and wine – necessities and niceties within easy walking distance of each other.


Duty-free shops on both sides of the border offer reciprocal benefits for those crossing in either direction. There are two pedestrian border crossings in downtown at Dennis DeConcini and Morley Ports of Entry. Little luxuries for a little less.


Take a little walk. Restrooms and shady benches offer a respite in Nasib Karam Park. You might even hear mariachi being played in the gazebo there. Plenty of parking: metered on the street, and low-cost lots nearby.


Learn more about Nogales, Arizona’s downtown shopping district, at the Nogales Community Development website.

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