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From food trucks to fine dining, from farmers’ markets to winery tasting rooms, the foodscape in and around Nogales reflects our colorful history and the rich blend of cultures in the region.


The most obvious food phenomenon is the number of permutations on Mexican, Mexican-American, and American cuisines, where the “open border” range of flavors is continuously evolving. We gave them chips and salsa. They gave us the Sonoran Hot Dog. And much, much more.

Greater Nogales offers many different culinary options for dining

Ambos Nogales is famous for Northern Sonoran cuisine


Diverse Culinary Influences

And don’t forget fresh seafood. It is counterintuitive to our desert address, but Nogales is only a few hours by car from the fishing ports along the Sea of Cortez. Daily deliveries are the rule.


Beyond Hispanic and Mesoamerican influences, Nogales offers the cosmopolitan epicure several choices of Italian or Chinese food, the two most popular cuisines on the planet, as well as Japanese, Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian, and others.


Gourmet or gourmand, locavore or omnivore, shopper, chef, or dining room devotee, you won’t wish for more in Nogales.

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