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City Hall is located at 777 North Grand Avenue. The Police Department and Fire Department are both housed here, with Fire Station 2 located at 2751 N Grand Avenue. Given City Hall’s attractive location and park atmosphere, weddings are regularly performed on the lawn. The City Recreation Center is located at 1500 N Hohokam Drive and has a basketball court and year-round swimming pool. Softball and a soccer field are found adjacent to the Recreation Center. Public Works is located at 1450 N Hohokam Drive. A waste transfer facility is located there for public use. A skate park, baseball stadium, and Little League baseball field are located at 100 E Madison St. The Boys and Girls Club is close by at 590 N Tyler Ave.


Santa Cruz County administrative offices, courts, and jail are located at 2150 N Congress Drive in Nogales.

City Hall at 777 North Grand Avenue

The town was officially founded in 1880


The City of Nogales operates under a Council-Manager form of government where the Mayor is elected to a 4-year term and has a single vote on the City Council. The Council then hires a City Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the City. The 6 City Council members are elected at-large to 4-year terms.


Mayor John Doyle was elected in November, 2014, and took office in January 2015.

City Council:

·       Vice-Mayor Greg Lucero

·       Esther Melendez-Lopez

·       Cesar Parrada[17]

·       Jose “Joe” Diaz

·       Joe Acosta

·       Robert Rojas

·      City Manager: Shane D. Dille

·      Deputy City Manager: John Kissinger

·      City Attorney: Joe Machado

·      City Clerk/City Treasurer: Leticia Robinson


For more information on city government services, call the City of Nogales Economic Development office at (520) 287-6571 or


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